Spring Ahead into God’s Plan for You

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Hello Faithful True Yoga Blog friends,

I’m sure some of you wonder if I really will be back to post on the True Yoga Blog.  The answer is, yes, I always will, even if some amount of time goes by.

So, thank you again for being so faithful and continuing to reach out to me to share your positive projects and inspirations because I love hearing from you and being able to share your positive work with others.

Life doesn’t ever cease to amaze me.  Just when we think some sort of path is certain, like Forrest said, ‘life is like a box of chocolates’ and it gives us something we wouldn’t have ever really imagined we would get or be given. Read More »

Gratitude, Faith and Surrender in 2014

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Hello True Yoga Blog friends and Happy New Year!

Once again, thank you for being such faithful readers and contributors to the True Yoga Blog…the True Yoga Blog wouldn’t be here without all of you.

I’m still envisioning a time where I can write a bit more often, but, until then, please stay in touch with me through the Fresh Fruit Cleanse facebook page: www.facebook.com/freshfruitcleanse. I update the Fresh Fruit Cleanse facebook page frequently so that’s the best place to stay tuned in to all things True Yoga, health, wellness and me. :)

In fact, next week I will be guiding participants through a 3 Day Reset Fresh Fruit Cleanse… I am so looking forward to this. If you are interested in joining us…it’s FREE! :) All you need to do is ‘like’ the Fresh Fruit Cleanse facebook page to receive the posts with all the info and details. I’ve already posted the menu and will be posting all the recipes and a grocery shopping list to make it really easy for you. The recipes are SO easy to make and you will feel unbelievably incredible from going through the Fresh Fruit Cleanse for 3 days. If you want to lose weight, you can expect to lose about 5 pounds. If you are just looking to feel better, healthier and have more energy…all of that will happen, too. So, if you are thinking about joining us for the Fresh Fruit Cleanse next week on January 15, 16 and 17 I hope you will. The grocery list will be posted by this weekend so you’ll have plenty of time to get everything you need before next week… Read More »

I’m Here NOW :)

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(I took that pic a several months ago but thought it was fun so wanted to share :))

Hello True Yoga Blog friends,

Thank you for being such faithful readers.

I know I’ve been saying that life has been so busy, for the last year since my baby was born, but it has been and continues to be…  However, I’m learning more and more how to carve out time for myself in my new reality of motherhood.  Speaking of motherhood, it is the greatest blessing.  Motherhood is all that Yoga epitomizes and so much more.  It is a tremendous lesson in being present, being patient, and selfless love.  Yogananda says the only love that is real is selfless love.  That is the truth.

I know you are such faithful readers because I still receive emails all the time with requests to post events on the True Yoga Blog, and, I receive emails from fellow writers who are hoping to share their writings with all of us.

I just received an email today from a fellow Yogi who sounds like he has a wonderful topic he would like to write about.  I am looking forward to reading what he has to say…it’s about cultivating a home practice in all seasons of our life, especially, during the very busy time of the holidays.

Do you know I’ve practiced Yoga almost everyday in the past two years?

I realized just how committed I am to my Yoga practice when I experienced being pregnant and being a new mom.  Finding time to practice Yoga as a new mom is not easy.  But, there is a commitment that drives me because I know how incredible I feel when I give that time to myself.  There have been times that my son has been crawling on me in the middle of a headstand, splits, etc.  I’m sure my fellow Yogi parents out there know exactly what I’m talking about.  Yet, we find the time to practice because we know how worth it is to move, to breathe, to center ourselves, ESPECIALLY, as a parent and all of the responsibility and challenges that involves.  What a blessing to have that sacred time of Yoga practice that we can carve out just for ourselves in the, often, hectic flow of day to day life.

So, that is what one of the upcoming True Yoga Blog posts is going to be about…finding time to practice Yoga in the midst of the busyness of life.

Oh, I’m not sure I mentioned but I’m also working full time now, too.  Life is busy but so rewarding to get to rise to the responsibility of all that God has blessed me with in being a mother.  So, while there’s times I feel challenged, above all, I am so humbled and grateful for the blessings He has given me… Read More »

OM-Don’t Leave hOMe Without It

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Wow…long time no post True Yoga Blog friends…

But, I have a very good reason for my absence from the True Yoga Blog.

Besides being busy with baby, as always, I was away for training with my work.  It’s been a busy few weeks, and, I’m so happy to be home again and settling back into the routine of things.  While I may go away from time to time, simply, because life gets busy, I intend to continue to write and share with you no matter what.

Nowadays, however, blogs have become less and less the thing with social media and so much of our time being spent there.  But, I do believe there are still some faithful True Yoga Blog readers out there, so, I’ll do my best to post more often now that life is a bit more settled.

So, what have I been learning about life? Life is what we make it.  We do create our reality and we have the power to choose a positive or negative experience for ourselves.  That power lies within us.  We are not victims but conscious creators of everything. Yes, we know that.  But, it’s truly amazing when we LIVE that.  Truly knowing something is being it and living it…day in and day out.

So, I’ve been thinking about OM recently.  OM is dynamic and powerful, as Yogis have known for millennium.  It is a creative vibration that calls out to The Creator of All That Is to awaken that creative force and power within us and all around us, of course, always with the intention that our intention align with the Universal Will of the cosmos.  Whoa…that’s deep. ;)

So, that has had me thinking, or remembering, just how powerful OM is.  It lives inside of us, it breathes us, it beats our hearts and the blood through our veins.  OM is alive.  It’s not just a thing we say.  It is pure energy…it is THE Energy of all that is. So, maybe it’s time you mention to your boss that a little OM a day could be just what’s needed for powerful and positive change? ;)  Don’t be scared to let your OM out, let your love for OM be known AND, most certainly, don’t leave hOMe without OM in your heart and mind…  OM is the living vibration of God… Read More »