I’m Baaaaack!!!!

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Hello World Wide Web True Yoga Blog Friends,

Yes, I am back!  You can’t keep me down or shut me up…

I will always be back, I will always rise…no matter how long it takes.

Several things happened that had me not blog on the True Yoga Blog for a while.  First of all, I had a work position that required me to be very conscientious about my personal endeavors since I was in the public sector for a while.

But, now that I’m back in the private sector that is not cause for concern.

Also, I had no idea that my domain name was deactivated.  The True Yoga Blog email address has become inundated over the years with junk email, unfortunately.  That is why I had to finally take that email address off the True Yoga website.  I had not checked that email in a while since I had been so busy with other things in my life, motherhood, work, moving and more.  They deactivated the True Yoga website and the site was down for a while.  But, I finally restored it once all the dust settled and cleared from the many things that were going on over the past couple of months… Read More »

Positive Change Is In the Air

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Fall is here!

And, I am here…finally!

I am grateful to be writing again True Yoga Blog friends.

Just a few thoughts for you on this day.

First of all, can you feel the energy of change in the air like I can? Change is SO EXCITING…I love it! It never ceases to amaze me how perfectly coordinated the changes in our life are with the changes of the season.

Have you ever heard that saying people come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime?

Most recently,  in miraculous timing, a relationship with someone I was getting to know came to a peaceful completion and closure just as the season was changing from Summer to Fall and it felt so right to let it go without any sorrow or remorse. When we surrender ourselves to the seasonal changes of our soul we realize there really isn’t anything to ‘hold onto.’ We can let go with gratefulness and serenity knowing whatever changes are unfolding are for the best, always.

Also, I really liked this article about the Fall Equinox that I found: http://belsebuub.com/articles/the-spiritual-meaning-of-the-autumn-equinox

I was really feeling that inner shift of energy in myself that the article talks about. As we transition into Winter it can often feel as though a ‘death’ of sorts is taking place in ourselves with the diminishing amount of sunlight around us. However, this is the contrary. This contracting we are experiencing is actually preparation for the great rebirth that is happening with the dawn of the Winter Solstice in December. The Winter Solstice is the BIRTH of the new solar year. I love that there really is no ‘death’ only an emergence into greater and greater experiences of light when we really think about it, spiritually speaking… Read More »

Spring Ahead into God’s Plan for You

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Hello Faithful True Yoga Blog friends,

I’m sure some of you wonder if I really will be back to post on the True Yoga Blog.  The answer is, yes, I always will, even if some amount of time goes by.

So, thank you again for being so faithful and continuing to reach out to me to share your positive projects and inspirations because I love hearing from you and being able to share your positive work with others.

Life doesn’t ever cease to amaze me.  Just when we think some sort of path is certain, like Forrest said, ‘life is like a box of chocolates’ and it gives us something we wouldn’t have ever really imagined we would get or be given. Read More »

Gratitude, Faith and Surrender in 2014

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Hello True Yoga Blog friends and Happy New Year!

Once again, thank you for being such faithful readers and contributors to the True Yoga Blog…the True Yoga Blog wouldn’t be here without all of you.

I’m still envisioning a time where I can write a bit more often, but, until then, please stay in touch with me through the Fresh Fruit Cleanse facebook page: www.facebook.com/freshfruitcleanse. I update the Fresh Fruit Cleanse facebook page frequently so that’s the best place to stay tuned in to all things True Yoga, health, wellness and me. :)

In fact, next week I will be guiding participants through a 3 Day Reset Fresh Fruit Cleanse… I am so looking forward to this. If you are interested in joining us…it’s FREE! :) All you need to do is ‘like’ the Fresh Fruit Cleanse facebook page to receive the posts with all the info and details. I’ve already posted the menu and will be posting all the recipes and a grocery shopping list to make it really easy for you. The recipes are SO easy to make and you will feel unbelievably incredible from going through the Fresh Fruit Cleanse for 3 days. If you want to lose weight, you can expect to lose about 5 pounds. If you are just looking to feel better, healthier and have more energy…all of that will happen, too. So, if you are thinking about joining us for the Fresh Fruit Cleanse next week on January 15, 16 and 17 I hope you will. The grocery list will be posted by this weekend so you’ll have plenty of time to get everything you need before next week… Read More »