Leanne Hall Vinyasa Power Yoga

This 75 minute, cardiovascular, strength-building practice will ignite your body, mind and spirit. You will be stretched, toned and strengthened as the instructor guides you through a series of postures designed to take you to your edge and have you feel your very best. This class will leave you feeling energized yet peaceful and inspired in your heart to become the very best you can be.

Expanding Your Life Force

You will open up your body, free your mind and ignite your spirit in this class as you explore and work with the transformative powers of your Breath or Life Force. In Yoga, the word for breath is Prana and translated it means Life Force. In this class, the breath becomes the music as you are guided to move through the postures flowing to the rhythm of your breath. The breath is the most important part of Yoga and one of the most transformational aspects of the practice. You will learn how to utilize your breath to let go of stress, tension, fear, anxiety or any other negative emotions so that you can begin to consistently experience feelings of peace, joy and happiness in your body, mind and spirit.


In this class you will experience a Vinyasa Power Yoga practice that is great for beginners or those wishing to take it a little slower in class. If you’ve never tried Yoga, this is the class for you.