5 Essential Pieces of Skydiving Equipment

What is skydiving for you? Merely a jump from a height, leaping and lastly allowing the gravity to pull you down? No! Skydiving is all about willingness, bravery, and passion for stepping into something unknown.

It is something that requires not only proper skill and practice but also efficient equipment for enhancing the experience. It is vital for you to realize that there are particular skydiving equipment types that you must carry for surviving the jump with zero damage.

Coming to the skydiving equipment, there are different types of gear available in the market which are used for diving. However, there is a handful of equipment that is essential for your survival while you jump.

Here are the five essential pieces of skydiving equipment you must check out before planning for the big day.

1.    The Parachute

Would you jump if told to go without the parachute? Definitely, no one would risk their lives. Parachute is the essential equipment needed for skydiving. They are available in various sizes and getting one for yourself depends on the number of diving you have come across.

Colorful skydiving gearFor the beginners, using a bigger one is highly advised. As you obtain experience in diving, you can then slowly reduce the size of the parachute, which makes the dive sportier.

Again, the skydivers need two parachutes while jumping, in which one is the main parachute and the second one a reserve or for an emergency.

They come in a container called rigs the size of which also depends on the size of the parachute. So, if you have the best suitable parachute, you are sure to have a great diving experience.

2. Jumpsuit

The next thing you wouldn’t be permitted to jump without is the skydiving jumpsuit. No doubt, the diving suits don’t provide you with a cool or appealing look, but they are truly important while looking for a dive.

There are also people looking for different colors and patterns that give you a different view from the top. There are some jumpsuits that are designed with complete disciplines, while for the belly fliers, people mostly look for booties which help your feet fly similar to the sails.

Such jumpsuits provide the diver with the flexibility to turn efficiently and add more formations to the dive.

Similarly, for the free fliers, booties would be a bad idea to be in. For such fliers, free jumpsuits would be an ideal match with something dragged on the legs and arms for maintaining stability.

Lastly, there are the wingsuits that give you a squirrel like feeling while flying. The jumpsuit comes with sails from the arms to the legs, which help you fly like an airplane.

3. Automatic Activation Device

Popularly known as AAD, it is an automatic device that is installed in the rigs of the parachute. It is basically deployed to the reserve parachute so that you are able to perform well in the diving.

For any reason, if you feel unconscious, panic, or any such situation arrives, the installed AAD would monitor the rate of descent along with the altitude for measuring the speed you are falling.

When arrived at a particular height, the AAD with the help of electrical charges cuts off the loop which holds the reserve parachute. The AAD is manufactured by Vigil and the Cypres.

No doubt, other brands are coming in the market, but these two are the best to go with. The AAD increases your safety levels during unexpected and dangerous situations. The altimeters are also helpful to keep you safe from the early popping of the parachute. So, isn’t it a lifesaver!

4. Helmet

Skydiving helmet and goggles for protectionYou might have seen several destinations where the skydivers wouldn’t be in helmets. But the fact is that using a helmet is an essential decision. The helmet is much important for the protection of your head at the time of freefall and exits.

Again, for the women with long hair, it is an ideal way of holding your hair locked inside as the long hair would tangle your hair while landing. The helmets also come in various sizes and shapes, which helps in getting the best suitable for you. Some helmets are open and can be easily worn with goggles.

Similarly, there are goggles that have a complete visor that eliminates the necessity of goggles. Want to add some funkiness? Add some funny or vinyl stickers to the helmet.

Getting it painted is also another good way of decorating it. The advanced helmets are also available with facilities like radio in it for increasing your entertainment.

5. Audible Altimeter

When it comes to a complete skydiving kit, the audible altimeters have become an essential part of it. While the skydivers are busy stuck in the helmet, the audible altimeter would be the best way to let your voice create echoes at particular altitudes. This is also important as an alert to the jumper for some action.

The altimeters are also essential in team jumps as through them, the team members can communicate effectively for proper timing to jump, deploy the parachutes, swoop, etc.

The audible altimeters are similar to a reminder for reminding the jumpers about the heights they are swooping at. The audible altimeters are mostly used in conjunction with any digital wrist or analog altimeters that also reveal the current altitudes.

For the newbies who feel that some of the equipment can be expensive and heavy on the pocket, visit https://www.skydivingdzs.com/4-best-places-to-buy-used-skydiving-gear/ to find out about the best places to get used skydiving gears.

So, still thinking if you should buy the equipment or not? The equipment includes the goggles, altimeter, jumpsuit, helmet, AAD, parachute, protective gear, etc. which is definitely not affordable for everyone out there.

Hence, an ideal way of getting the skydiving equipment is building it one by one. Start buying the kit with goggles. This would help you in knowing the condition of the goggles as well as adjusting it too.

After the goggles, look for jumpsuits which would fit yours properly. After that, you can move for the rigs and parachutes, etc. Still confused, look for an instructor for proper directions to enjoy your skydiving and gather memorable moments.