5 Major Points to Consider While Hiring an SEO Consultant

Whether you are a new company or a well-entrenched organization, you still need to pull out all the stops online, just so that you can be noticed. With more companies establishing an online presence, it is important that you hire an SEO consultant just so that you can compete with the others, on an even playing field. However, there are a few things that you may want to consider before hiring one.

Old vs. New:

It is time to call in the experts, but with so many SEO experts doing the rounds, it can be hard, if not difficult to home in on the right solution for your business. It is essential that you determine and sort out the various SEO consultants based on their expertise and years of experience in the field. This is not to imply that those who are brand new to this particular niche cannot deliver.

Completing the SEO Puzzle with a ConsultantRather, the emphasis is on both experience and expertise; a well-proven consultant can help streamline your company’s current SEO requirements, optimize the same for search engines and even help tackle the various issues your website may face.  With the right consultant, you should be able to do that and much more.

Case study:

Before hiring the SEO consultant, you want to first find out why your website is not doing that great as far as SERPs are concerned. You may want to ask the SEO expert to do a complete SEO audit on your website, to better understand the scope of the problem.

Furthermore, after signing the required NDAs, you can provide the consultant with access to your site, so that he can audit the same. This exercise will enable you to determine if the SEO consultant is indeed as good as he claims to be. You can tag this as a test but the exercise serves one critical purpose, it will highlight the SEO problems on your website. Here are some of the common on-site SEO mistakes that you should be aware about.

Once you glimpse the issues that need to be tackled, and along with the consultant, you can chalk out an effective SEO strategy. This exercise will help you evaluate the problems that you may have to overcome and soon, you should be able to set out a blueprint for the road ahead and be able to plan accordingly.

Work plan:

You may want to question the consultant regarding his background, his prior work, and experience. Furthermore, now that he understands the scope of the problem ask him to develop a detail-oriented SEO strategy for ensuring that your company ranks better on SERPS.

You need to question them regarding their work plans and how they plan on achieving the target goals. An SEO consultant who values himself on transparency would be only too happy to share the information.

Past work and SEO updates:

Chances are you are bound to come across SEO consultants that rate the top companies as some of their clients. Irrespective of who they may have worked for in the past, it is your primary responsibility to review their work and see if it matches up to your standards.

You may have to prep questions regarding their work process and past projects and request them to provide you with verifiable proof of the same. This should enable you to gauge their worthiness as an ‘SEO consultant’ and determine if they would be perfect for your company.

Marketing channels and required changes:

The consultant must also be familiar with the various tools and channels he can utilize, to spread the word about your products and services. These can involve guest posting, blogs, content marketing, and leveraging content across various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more.

Bottom line, he must be aware of all the information and know how to utilize the same for publicity. He also needs to explain the process by which he can help boost the user engagement on your website.

You also need to assess if the consultant is familiar with the latest Google Panda and Penguin updates. It is important that the consultant is up-to-date with the latest updates and the ramifications for SEO. He needs to ensure that your on-site content meets up with the latest standards and can ensure that the rest of your web content does as well. He must also be familiar with deep linking, with internal pages showing up on SERPS as this can factor in as far as ranking is concerned.

You or your consultant may be required to make on-site changes to your website so that it can compete better with others. If the consultant is calling for onsite changes or on a page, changes to optimize the same better, you need to get on board.

Getting your strategy rightThe fact is that your website will have to face a few changes, as it gets optimized better. Your content would be reviewed as well as any high-resolution images, featured pics to ensure that all are optimized better as per the latest SEO guidelines from Google. It is necessary that your web content is optimized so that it gets indexed accurately and stands featured on the SERPS.

These are some of the points that you will need to review before hiring an SEO consultant. You may also want to keep the key objectives in mind which is to get your website to rank better so that it can improve its position on SERPS.

You may also want out to list out a strategy for ranking & optimization with the help of the consultant and focus on delivering high quality and information-rich content for the benefit of users. There are a plethora of established agencies offering SEO in NYC, but make sure you consider the above-mentioned parameters and have a couple of meetings to discuss the scope of work and their understanding of your requirements. They should know exactly what is needed without wasting much effort and time from both the ends.

With the right SEO consultant on board, you should be able to ramp up in-bound traffic from various prospective leads. Furthermore, your website, post optimization, will be indexed faster by the various search engines. This should enable you to make sure that the search engines index the latest posts. This is why it is essential that you hire an SEO consultant at the earliest since he can help your website to stand out for the right reasons.